Transform Your Stress Into Success

Group coaching for entrepreneurs.

Don’t Let Burnout Cut Your Accomplishments Short

Develop the skills you need to end the cycle of stress and mental fatigue.

Change your outlook. Change the outcome.

Enjoy the ride

Find joy and fulfilment by focusing on what really matters.

Mental Fitness

Develop the mental strength to overcome setbacks and obstacles.

Mental Well-being

Break free from negative self-talk and grow your confidence and leadership.

Your Next Act teaches a proven system for sustainable success.


  1. Resilience: Fortify yourself with the mental toughness to overcome adversity and come out stronger.

  2. Speed: Clarify and simplify your goals so you can finally stop procrastinating, follow through, and finish.

  3. Leadership: Become a catalyst for positive change in yourself, your business, and beyond.

“I found my experience truly gratifying, which has motivated me to continue this path of self-exploration.”

Meg Bilgore

“Manuel helped me realize how my own thoughts were holding me back.”

David Payette

founder of

“I now have a simple framework for setting personal goals and accomplishing them. And the more I use it, the easier it gets.”

Peter MacDonald

Licenced to Practice Medicine
New York

Discover the tools to overcome your obstacles

As an entrepreneur, you’re going at full speed all the time. You’re frustrated and getting worn down—maybe even starting to wonder how long you can keep it all going.

I believe that the only way to enjoy the entrepreneurial ride is to commit to your mental fitness and well-being.

How do I know? I’ve spent over 50,000 hours working with people in your exact situation—burned-out, stressed-out, and checked-out. Your Next Act was created to help high-achieving, hard-driving entrepreneurs like you not just survive the journey, but enjoy it.

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What’s the one thing you can do to transform your life?

Discover the answer and get started with our FREE video training.

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