About Your Next Act

Learn how to swap your burnout and stress for real happiness so you can enjoy the entrepreneurial ride.

It happens to all of us. Feeling burned-out, stressed-out, and checked-out.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always a picnic. Sometimes it seems like you’ll never get to the end of your to-do list. Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) you start to wonder if you should keep going.

But let go of your dreams and potential? No. Never!

What you need is a way to cut through the stress and overwhelm that comes with those dreams.

At Your Next Act, we get it.

Burnout is real, but there is a solution. For the past 20 years, our founder, Manuel Astruc, has worked with people just like you to overcome burnout and experience true happiness.

When you join Your Next Act’s coaching programs, you’ll build the mental strength to stick with your business and reach your goals.

Work with Us

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching for entrepreneurial executives ready to focus on resilience, speed, and leadership. Contact our office for more information.

Group Coaching

Build mental fitness and well-being in a supportive and collaborative community. Meets 2x per month for a year.

Additional Services

Dr. Manuel Astruc currently practices in Saratoga Springs and works with individuals to explore and treat biological roadblocks to success including ADHD, depression, anxiety, and addictions.

About YOUR NEXT ACT Group Coaching

Build mental fitness and well-being to help you win big and love your entrepreneurial journey.

This is an IN-PERSON group coaching program for entrepreneurs in and near Saratoga Springs, New York. You’ll meet 6 times over the course of a 90-day session, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Not only will you gain the framework necessary to develop mental toughness, you’ll tap into a community of supportive, like-minded peers. Discover fulfillment and life purpose as you build the key skills to feel energized, centered, and ready to achieve.
Years in the making, the Your Next Act framework is a proven process that helps entrepreneurs like you avoid burnout and make their biggest possible impact on their family, their business, and the world.
Overcome fear
Stay motivated no matter what
Harness your Energy
Live outside your comfort zone
Make an impact
Resist imposter syndrome
Stay committed
Become a better leader

The next session starts soon!

Meet Manuel

About me:

After seeing the change that consciously making an effort to embrace the journey and block out negativity made in my own life, I knew I needed to share the knowledge I had with others. I started Your Next Act to help high-achieving entrepreneurs like you find the mental strength to not just survive their ventures, but thrive.

Professional Experience:

I have been working as a psychiatrist for over 20 years, the last 15 years in my private practice in general psychiatry. I also work in the addictions field as the medical director of Saratoga County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. I previously worked as the medical director of the Saratoga Hospital Mental Health Unit.

Private Practice

I practice general adult psychiatry in Saratoga Springs, New York. I work with individuals to explore and treat biological roadblocks to success including ADHD, depression, anxiety, and addictions.

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