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Founder Manuel Astruc, M.D., hasn’t just helped other entrepreneurs overcome burnout for the past 20 years; he has been in the trenches himself. As a psychiatrist, he is armed with the tools and knowledge to help clients develop the mental resilience and leadership skills they need to succeed and experience joy and satisfaction as they do it. As an entrepreneur himself, he has battled burnout and come out on top.

Now, he shares his insight and experience with clients in his private psychiatric practice and through business coaching services at Your Next Act. Dr. Manuel Astruc is ready and willing to help high performers like you thrive and find success and fulfillment throughout your business journey.


Manuel’s Journey

Manuel Astruc is a board-certified general adult psychiatrist with more than 20 years and 50,000 hours of experience in private practice. In 2008, he experienced what he describes as rock bottom when he became overwhelmed by exhaustion, bitterness, and desperation.

To address his burnout, he curated many positive habits, including engaging in daily physical activity, minimizing negative influences, and practicing daily gratitude exercises, to combat stress and increase his energy level. After fighting his way out of the dark room with no exits that embodies burnout, he began looking for a new path. As he recovered, he wanted to continue growing and using everything he learned to help others. He ultimately decided to develop Your Next Act to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders develop mental fitness.

Resilience is the key to reducing the effects of burnout, recovering mentally, and finding lasting success. With the right approach, it’s possible to achieve the perspective needed to enjoy the journey.

Speaking Engagements

Experience the passion for leadership and entrepreneurship that Dr. Manuel Astruc offers in person. Manuel is an experienced speaker capable of providing keynote speeches and addressing audiences filled with entrepreneurs. He brings inspiration and a personal touch to every speech, helping audiences understand how developing their mental fitness can lead to greater success and satisfaction.
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