Reach Your Goals and Transform Your Life, No Matter the Obstacles

A proven monthly group coaching program to help stressed-out entrepreneurs reach their goals without getting burned-out.

You Deserve to Overcome Challenges and Win Big

Do your dreams and life goals seem out of reach? 


Does it feel trite or illusive? You deserve to be happy. Learn how to let it become part of your new normal. 


Do you struggle to feel like you’ve arrived? Muzzle that inner critic and start living up to your potential.


Does imposter syndrome hold you back? Become the leader you’re capable of and make the world better.

When you learn to reframe your challenges, you open the door to a new world of possibilities. 

Join us inside the Membership

This membership program meets for Zoom trainings 2x per month.

Inside the program

Learn the system you can use over and over to build the mental toughness you need to win big and actually enjoy the entrepreneurial journey.

Workshop 1: Choose & Commit

Overcome the constant struggle to focus. You will learn a proven framework that clarifies where you currently are, where you want to be and how to get there. You’ll choose one major goal for the 90 days to instill the habits you will be learning in the upcoming weeks. 


Workshop 2: Energy

Building on a strong foundation of healthy habits, you’ll identify the key areas that actually increase your energy and attention , along with how to identify and avoid the activities that drag you down.

Workshop 3: Enthusiasm

Obstacles can’t be eliminated, but they can be overcome. You’ll learn the tools you need to stay motivated, to keep moving forward, to live outside your comfort zone and keep going even when things get tough.

Workshop 4: Engagement

The tenacity to execute and take the right actions leads to success. You will learn how to focus, follow through and finish especially when hitting against inevitable obstacles.

Workshop 5: Impact

Your goals take on new meaning when they impact the world around you. Learn how to use the 90-day system to become a leader in your business and community. Use your influence and vision to inspire change.

Workshop 6: Put it Together

Let’s celebrate your big win at the same time you roll up your sleeves to get back to work. Your first 90 days shows you how to reach one goal and is the framework for the lifelong success you’ve been craving.

“It was immensely helpful to have a group of like-minded people with whom I felt comfortable sharing my struggles and asking for feedback.”

Mary T.

Meet Manuel

About me:

After seeing the change that consciously making an effort to embrace the journey and block out negativity made in my own life, I knew I needed to share the knowledge I had with others. I started Your Next Act to help high-achieving entrepreneurs like you find the mental strength to not just survive their ventures, but thrive.

Professional Experience:

I have been working as a psychiatrist for over 20 years, the last 15 years in my private practice in general psychiatry. The Your Next Act framework has been years in the making. The friends, family, and clients I’ve coached through this framework experience higher levels of satisfaction than they ever thought possible.  

Your Next act:

There is no wrong ideal life. There is no dream too big or small. If you want to take the step to transform your life into what you’ve always dreamed it could be, Your Next Act can help.

 Coaching Designed for Stressed-Out Entrepreneurs

Your Next Act is perfect for entrepreneurs in any stage of business and works for:

and more…

No matter what life throws at you, you get to choose your own story.


You control your story and your reactions.


Forget impostor syndrome—you are the real deal.


Your path isn’t set in stone. You have the power to change.

Commit to your mental fitness & reach your goals



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Get out of your own way and reach your dreams.

I realized how my own thoughts had been holding me back, and I became aware of how powerful taking small steps on a consistent basis can be.

Peter MacDonald

You’re only days away from a happier, healthier, more-productive you.

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