One-to-One Coaching Services

Success is not linear — there are countless ups and downs along the way. The one-to-one coaching services from Dr. Manuel Astruc, the founder of Your Next Act, can help to develop the mental toughness that is needed to not only achieve your goals but also enjoy the journey.

For many entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives, the feeling of being overwhelmed is not unusual, and it tends to leave them with a lack of clarity surrounding essential decisions and unsure of how to proceed. Working with an executive coach with a psychiatric background can help you push past those feelings to establish your vision, evolve into a more confident leader, and focus on what truly matters.

Your Next Act’s personalized coaching services can help you make the mental shift, with benefits such as improved productivity, stronger working relationships, and a clear vision for the company. But it doesn’t stop there.


Dr. Astruc will work with you to develop action plans that turn visions into reality. He will help to set personal and professional growth goals, enjoy increased accountability and motivation, and provide guidance to help you overcome challenges.

The one-to-one online coaching supports entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners, top executives, and CEOs in developing skills to build mental strength and fight burnout. Online coaching features a proven system for resilience, speed, and leadership for sustainable success.

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Coaching One-to-One Services for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders

Entrepreneurs and startup founders often walk a lonely, stress-filled path. Approximately 42% of entrepreneurs experienced burnout in the past year, with many experts anticipating that the number will increase. Your Next Act provides a proven system for success, with the tools needed to overcome adversity and reach personal and professional fulfillment along the way.

Coaching One-to-One Services for Business Owners

Small business owners are adversely affected by burnout and often find themselves overwhelmed by all their tasks. One-to-one executive coaching can help business owners better organize their responsibilities, make strategic decisions, and cope with the stress that comes with owning a business. Dr. Astruc can help business owners identify roadblocks, get clarity surrounding goals, and attain success, all while enjoying the journey.

Coaching One-to-One Services for CEOs and Executives

High-level leadership roles can be incredibly satisfying. However, they also come with their fair share of challenges and obstacles.

Studies have shown that staggering numbers of executives experience frequent or near-constant exhaustion, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Three out of 10 also feel lonely or depressed. Executive coaching can help turn this around.

One-to-one coaching from Dr. Astruc at Your Next Act provides support, a neutral sounding board, and a positive path forward for sustainable success.

A Brighter Future Starts with You

Personalized coaching services are ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives seeking to transform their careers.

Working with Your Next Act can help to empower professionals with a fresh outlook, improved coping mechanisms, and the tools you need for ultimate success. Accountability, personalized coaching, and the power to beat stress and burnout are just a phone call away.

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