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The journey of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one, filled with twists and turns you may not be prepared to handle. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Your Next Act offers executive coaching for entrepreneurs that provide one-to-one coaching with Dr. Manuel Astruc, helping you develop the resilience and mental toughness necessary to hurdle past obstacles and overcome challenges. Coaching can also help you set clear, attainable goals and develop a successful plan.

As your coach, Dr. Astruc will walk beside you, strengthening your leadership skills through every phase of your journey.

Many founders don’t realize that the leader you are in the beginning isn’t the same leader that your company needs as your business grows. The best entrepreneur coaching program guides you during every stage, from startup to enterprise — and beyond.

Executive coaching may be the best-kept secret for entrepreneurial growth. Are you ready to experience personalized guidance, support, and accountability for yourself?

Learn More About the Executive Coaching For Entrepreneurs with Your Next Act

What can someone expect from personalized one-to-one entrepreneur coaching?

The process begins with an evaluation session or discovery call to talk about qualifications, pricing, and other essential details. During the initial meetings, Dr. Astruc establishes professional and personal goals, then creates a customized plan to meet your individual objectives and needs.

Ongoing sessions offer an excellent opportunity to continue focusing on handling emotions, finding balance in clients’ personal and professional lives, and supporting healthy productivity.

Meet the Coach, Dr. Manuel Astruc

Dr. Astruc has more than two decades of experience working as a psychiatrist. During that time, he has seen many successful entrepreneurs suffering from depression and burnout. In the early part of his own career, Dr. Astruc suffered severe burnout, which he wrote about in his Amazon bestselling book, “Happiness Rules: Beat Burnout, Embrace Happiness, and Become a Better Entrepreneur.

Through the programs at Your Next Act, Dr. Astruc brings his proven system for sustainable success to clients just like you.

The one-on-one format and personalized approach help each client develop mental fitness, feel the support they uniquely need, and find joy in the road ahead. The invaluable tools gained can help sustain you throughout your entrepreneurial journey and beyond.

What Do Other Entrepreneurs Think of Your Next Act?

“Manuel helped me realize how my own thoughts were holding me back.”

David Payette, founder of

“I now have a simple framework for setting personal goals and accomplishing them. And the more I use it, the easier it gets.”

Peter MacDonald

“I found my experience truly gratifying, which has motivated me to continue this path of self-exploration.”

Meg Bilgore

Find Your Edge and Schedule a Free Consultation with Your Next Act

Your Next Act was founded as Dr. Astruc understands the struggles entrepreneurs face and the support needed to overcome them. Frustration, exhaustion, and endlessly championing your product or service can all leave you feeling extreme stress, fatigue, and eventual burnout.

Finding your edge and achieving success is possible with Dr. Manuel’s personalized one-to-one coaching service. During your consultation, he can help you determine the options that will provide you with optimal results.

One-on-One Coaching: This is personalized coaching, typically meeting twice monthly and focuses on resilience, speed, and leadership at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey. One-on-one coaching provides the tools needed to overcome challenges, develop leadership skills, gain clarity surrounding critical decisions, and more.

General Psychiatry: Burnout, when left untreated, can lead to depression. Other conditions, including ADHD, depression, anxiety, and addictions, can hamper entrepreneurial success. Dr. Manuel Astruc & Associates’ psychiatry practice can help individuals discover and treat the conditions holding them back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Entrepreneurs like you have asked many questions about the coaching process. Two of the most common include the following:

How Often Do Sessions Take Place?

Plans are personalized to fit the needs of the individual, as many one-size solutions are often not beneficial. Dr. Astruc typically meets with entrepreneurs twice monthly, and sessions usually run between 60 and 90 minutes long.

How Long Does the Coaching Last?

Coaching lasts as long as you need it. One-on-one entrepreneurial coaching doesn’t have a definitive end date. Ultimately, the goal is to provide clients with the tools needed to cope with stress, prevent burnout, and energize their businesses.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of time, clients can stop at any point or continue to work with Dr. Astruc for as long as they feel it is necessary.

A Successful Startup Starts with You

The benefits of working with a coach who personalizes the entrepreneur coaching program are vast and include everything from overcoming fear and imposter syndrome to enhancing motivation and leadership skills.

Take the next positive step toward finding joy and success. Begin your entrepreneur coaching journey today.

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