One-to-One Executive Coaching Services for CEOs

Executive and corporate coaching services can be a game changer for executives and CEOs. Top executive coaching services not only support high-level leaders, but also transform incredible talent into incredible successes.

Can changing your outlook change the outcome? Executive coaching produces significant results, with 70% of participants seeing an increase in their performance, according to the International Coaching Federation. It is also a proven strategy to develop organizational and team performance.

All too often, CEOs and executives overlook the myriad of benefits offered by executive coaching and training services.

Working with Dr. Manuel Astruc at Your Next Act can help increase your mental toughness, making you more resilient and less prone to burnout. He will help you set realistic goals and identify the challenges and thought patterns preventing you from reaching them. Executive coaching can also help take your leadership skills to the next level, enabling you and your organization to achieve success.

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Every executive or CEO has a unique path with its own challenges. Your executive coaching journey begins with a discovery call or an evaluation session. This initial point of contact allows Dr. Astruc to answer questions, discuss qualifications and pricing, and ensure the program is a good match.

In the initial phase, he will help you identify the goals you want to achieve during the process — both personal and professional. These details help him to create a personalized plan for your executive coaching service, but sessions aren’t limited only to these goals.

He also focuses on navigating complex decisions, handling emotions, and developing stronger leadership skills. Ultimately, the goal is to help identify your goals, support you while you attain them, and uncover any obstacles standing in the way.

Meet the Coach, Dr. Manuel Astruc

Dr. Astruc is a big proponent of blazing your own trail, something he has done himself in his more than 20 years of working in psychiatry. In the early days of his career, Dr. Astruc experienced severe burnout. This uniquely positions him not only as a thought leader in the space, but also as an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives just like you.

In addition to writing his Amazon bestselling book, “Happiness Rules: Beat Burnout, Embrace Happiness, and Become a Better Entrepreneur,” Dr. Astruc started Your Next Act. The top executive coaching services offered equip executives and CEOs with the tools needed for ultimate success — both professional and personal.

Burnout can cut your accomplishments short, but diminishing burnout is not the only way that executive coaching can help. Support and guidance can strengthen your leadership skills and provide clarity around critical decisions. Dr. Astruc’s coaching services can help you find what’s holding you back, allowing you to overcome obstacles and gain motivation and joy.

What Do Past Clients Have to Say? 

“I now have a simple framework for setting personal goals and accomplishing them. And the more I use it, the easier it gets.”

Peter MacDonald

“Manuel helped me realize how my own thoughts were holding me back.”

David Payette, founder of

“I found my experience truly gratifying, which has motivated me to continue this path of self-exploration.”

Meg Bilgore

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As a busy executive or CEO, you may overlook your own needs in your drive to support your organization’s success. Executive career coaching services with Your Next Act can help support you to better achieve your goals while reducing the stress and fatigue that can lead to burnout.

Untreated burnout can negatively impact both your personal and professional life. Dr. Astruc’s executive coaching services provide tailored one-on-one programs, customized to meet your specific needs.

One-on-One Executive Coaching for CEOs: This personalized executive leadership coaching service will help you become a stronger leader, but that’s not all. It also focuses on increasing mental toughness, defining and reaching goals, and boosting your productivity while regaining joy in your personal and professional life.

General Psychiatry: Executives and CEOs are not immune from mental health struggles. Depression, anxiety, and other conditions can hold you back, but they don’t have to win. Discovering your psychiatric challenges and addressing them can help clients overcome obstacles for greater success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Executives and CEOs often have various questions about Your Next Act. Two common questions include:

How Often Do Sessions Take Place?

Your program depends on many factors, all of which are considered as Dr. Astruc creates your personalized plan during the initial consultation and early sessions. For many people, executive coaching twice a month works well. Each session runs anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

How Long Does the Coaching Last?

Dr. Astruc is here for your support as long as you need executive coaching services. Some executives and CEOs opt for ongoing, long-term coaching. Others continue until they feel they have the necessary tools to cope with the pressure and stress of high-level leadership.

A Successful Business Starts with a Successful Leader

Executive coaching can help you be more engaged, productive, and successful. The benefits of becoming a stronger leader with enhanced personal and professional happiness are truly limitless.

Dr. Astruc’s coaching services at Your Next Act can help you overcome challenges and regain joy, transforming your success with our executive coaching services.

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