Bring Keynote Speaker Manuel Astruc to Your Next Event

Help the Entrepreneurs in your Audience Prevent Burnout

Learn the essential keys for building mental well-being.

Dr. Manuel Astruc teaches entrepreneurs skills to grow their mental fitness.

  • ➞  Optimizing for happiness
  • ➞  Finding work-life balance
  • ➞  Increasing productivity
  • ➞  Managing time intentionally
  • ➞  Clarifying problems
  • ➞  Focusing and following through

Dr. Astruc delivers a unique and inspiring message with an uncommon level of honesty and passion. His focus on the personal aspects of leadership resonated with our diverse group of sales professionals and managers – leaving each inspired to free the hero within.

Ron Zuba Jr.

Administrative Vice President, M&T Bank

About Manuel Astruc, MD

Founder of Your Next Act and licensed psychiatrist

As a practicing psychiatrist for 20+ years, Manuel has spent more than 50,000 hours working with people at the end of their figurative rope—they’re burned-out and ready to give up, just like many entrepreneurs today.

Manuel takes the wisdom he’s learned in private practice and brings it to business owners and entrepreneurs to help them battle the stress and mental exhaustion high achievers can feel.

Teaching key skills like resilience, speed, and leadership, Dr. Astruc helps audiences see how bolstering their own mental well-being will translate into greater success, both in life and in business.

Keynotes and breakouts from Manuel help entrepreneurs stop surviving the journey and start enjoying it.

“I integrated several activities into my life that I had thought about doing for ten years, but not accomplished. Now it’s just part of who I am.”

Peter MacDonald

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Bring Manuel to your next event.

Does your audience struggle because:

Their businesses are growing rapidly
Their problems feel overwhelming
They have a strong internal critic
They are high achievers

 Bring Manuel to your next event and show them the path to the mental toughness to stay the course and enjoy the journey.