Why Founders Need Coaching in Each Stage of Company Growth

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Coaching

For many entrepreneurs, coaching is like a secret (or not so secret) superpower. Coaching programs can help founders build confidence and develop critical decision-making skills for accelerated growth at every stage.

Your Next Act strives to help founders like you celebrate big wins and weather the highs and lows for ultimate success. Additionally, research suggests that coaching helps increase energy levels and enjoyment of work and life in general.

Results from a 2022 randomized clinical trial with 101 randomly selected participants show that coaching can have a significant impact on burnout. The participants were randomly assigned to two groups; one received coaching, but the other didn’t.
Among those who received coaching, emotional exhaustion and incidence of imposter syndrome decreased, while self-compassion increased.

Coaches and Company Coaching for Growth: A Stage-by-Stage Look at the Benefits

Coaching creates the chance to step back a bit and gain an outside perspective. Coaches can also help identify blind spots and areas in need of additional focus. In fact, business coaches often act as sounding boards, helping to widen your perspective and grow your strengths as you grow your business.

Those are some powerful benefits — but how can a coaching program address different stages of company growth?

Each phase that organizations move through as it grows requires a different leadership style for maximum success. For example, in the startup phase, you must champion the product or service before shifting into a leader and then a leader of leaders. These shifts require you to pivot your mindset to achieve transformations that the top business coaches for entrepreneurs can support and facilitate.

Business growth coaches can provide invaluable guidance, clarity, and tools for success during every growth stage.

Coaching During the Startup Stage

In the earliest phases, your work as a founder is incredibly intense and hands-on. As you interact with other decision-makers and early employees, your leadership role should be that of a champion. You’re tasked with elevating the ideas and concepts of the business and transforming them into potential customers and capital.

Your efforts largely determine the success of the company. Business coaches for startups often coach the entire early team to help everyone work through the initial struggles as processes and procedures are established. Your coach can provide feedback and connect you with critical resources.

Coaching During Growth Stages

Growth happens in several stages as the foundation of your organization starts coming together with a leadership team and more employees. The business starts scaling and company culture gains importance. As a founder, you’ll begin sharing your focus between the product and the organization.

Your leadership style shifts to expanding your team and leading it, forging the desired company culture as you move forward. As the business continues growing, you will not only lead the team but also lead the leaders that make up the team as you build infrastructure and processes. This requires a shift into a collaborative style.

Your business growth coach can help make that evolution easier. They may point out the value of letting go of certain aspects of your business in favor of focusing on others. During these stages, coaching helps you transform from that startup founder into a mature leader.

Coaching During Later Stages

After moving through growth phases, your company eventually reaches the later stages, often called the “enterprise” stage. It has a complex organizational structure, with multiple professionals managing it. At this point, you’re no longer just a leader, but an adviser to the leaders you trust to keep the business moving in a positive direction.

You are rarely fully immersed in the day-to-day operations, focusing instead on the next steps, and building cross-functional relationships. Your coach can provide support to help you understand leadership at this level and scale. They will serve as a trusted partner in practicing some of the challenging conversations you may need to have, and they will analyze the increasingly complex decisions you must make.

Why Your Next Act?

Founders at all stages of business development are under intense pressure and leading the charge can often become a lonely proposition. The best business growth coaches bring an objectivity to the mix that you can’t get from family or friends. They can also help you understand what motivates you and your professional purpose.

We’re proud to work with entrepreneurs and founders just like you, instilling mental fitness to keep you healthy during your journey. The work we do together can help you overcome the things that might be holding you back and help you discover the joy in what you do.

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