This thriving entrepreneur learned the secrets of overcoming burnout

Manuel Astruc founded Your Next Act after his twin sister died and discovered the tools to help entrepreneurs avoid burnout

Manuel Astruc knows the dark side of entrepreneur life and wants to help others avoid the same burnout. Shortly after his twin sister died in 2008, Astruc – the Founder of Your Next Act – experienced total burnout. “Emotionally, I was just toast,” Astruc said. “At that moment, I knew I had to draw a line in the sand and just commit to enjoy the ride no matter what.”

Astruc, who is also a practicing psychiatrist, founded Your Next Act to enable other high-performing entrepreneurs to learn crucial “Mental Fitness” skills. Your Next Act’s group coaching programs help entrepreneurs optimize their happiness and improve their business and personal lives by improving their mental fitness. “It’s for people and entrepreneurs who are hungry to have a better life.”

Manuel has harnessed the lessons he’s learned as an entrepreneur as well as the knowledge he’s acquired over more than 50,000 hours working with patients in his thriving psychiatry practice, which he’s led for nearly 20 years. “It’s time to elevate the conversation around burnout, trauma, addiction and mental health and help entrepreneurs not self-destruct,” Astruc said. 

“The tools are especially helpful during Covid, where entrepreneur life can feel even more isolating,” said Astruc, who also talks openly about his past struggles with alcohol addiction and depression. “I was so isolated professionally during those times and I want entrepreneurs to know they don’t have to go through hard times alone like I did” said Astruc, who is based in Saratoga Springs, New York.

“We want to help more people help more people. When you help people around you, that’s how you exponentially change the world. I see that entrepreneurs are missing out on connecting with other entrepreneurs on a regular basis and cannot talk about the self-destructive things that are really happening in their lives. These are things they really want to talk about, but they don’t have a place to do it. Many times, entrepreneurs will just try to double down and work harder, but there’s an end point for that strategy.”

Astruc and his twin sister, Magdalena – who was born 20 minutes before him – are the oldest of seven children. Astruc’s father – a PhD and MD who studied how the brain works – was incredibly motivated and just as strict, and moved to the U.S. from Spain when Astruc was a child. Astruc has the opposite personality as Magdalena, who was an accountant, extremely focused and organized and the mother of four children. She died from a brain tumor in 2008, and Astruc said she provided the motivation for him to start the coaching business.

“My inspiration is I’m going to enjoy this ride no matter what, and that’s 100 percent on her,” said Astruc, who has six children. “I’m dedicated to this journey no matter what, and I think about her every day. …. I think she would be thrilled with the changes I’ve made in my life.”